Opposite $ex Besties Are Decoy Names For Side Chics Or Side N*ggas – Actress, Juliet Ibrahim ( Image)

Actress Juliet Ibrahim has taken to her Instagram page to air her opinion on the on friendships between members of the opposite $ex, revealing in most cases, she feels they are decoy names for side chics and niggas.

The actress who also sought the opinion of her fans wrote:

#OpenGistWithJuliet #TapForDetails
I have been discussing this topic with my friends and I thought I’ll share with you. I told my friends that I believe in most cases; opposite $ex besties are decoy names for side chics or side n*ggas. In the sense that; most of these besties secretly have a crush on each other and are just waiting for the right time to be the one to come to the rescue or be the shoulder to lean on. Or, maybe they had a thing once or twice before and decided to just stay friends. What do y’all think?

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