Wilder Names Three Boxers Who Will Beat Anthony Joshua

Anthony Joshua’s arch rival Deontay Wilder doesn’t rate the British heavyweight boxer very highly as shown by his recent remarks about him.

While Joshua is highly regarded by so many in the boxing business, Deontay thinks he is all hype, even going as far as to suggest that himself, Tyson Fury and Luis Ortiz are all better than the 2012 Olympic Gold medalist.

Wilder bragged: “Anthony Joshua had his opportunity and his chance to prove and see if he was the goods, or was he spoiled milk,” according to The Mirror.

“They didn’t want to accept the challenge because they already know what I possess. They know my mindset and what I’m able to do. They know that he’s not on my level.

“I don’t think [Joshua] has the heart and the mentality to show that he’s the best, and even if he does, then his people don’t.

“But that’s enough of him. It ain’t about him. It’s about Tyson Fury. We are the best. And after this fight, you’ll see who is the best. One champion, one face, one name.

“Of course, [Joshua] beat the guys that they’ve put in front of him and tried to hype the media up like they were bigger than what they really were.

“So he’s had his opportunities, and as far as I’m concerned, this [fight] right here will tell the world who is the best of the best because I don’t feel that Joshua can beat me, nor can he beat Fury nor the second-best heavyweight in the world, [Luis] Ortiz. I have strong personal opinion and strong feeling about that.”

There have already been some fantastic boxing matches this year and 2018 is set to go out with one of the biggest heavyweight fights of all-time.

After taking a lengthy layoff from the boxing scene, Gypsy King Tyson Fury is back and ready to make yet another huge statement in his boxing career. The fight goes down on the 1st of December.

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