100 Kenyans Ready To Pay Ksh 51 Million To Become US Citizens

Kenyans have been offered an opportunity to acquire US citizenship but only if they met certain conditions.

Through a US Immigrant Investor Visa Programme, locals can now secure Investor Visas to the “land of milk and honey” after parting with Kshs51 million (US$500,000).

The firm responsible, however, will require to carry out background checks on all applicants to ensure that they won’t launder the money neither do they have criminal records.

The American firm revealed that Visa had gained momentum in the country especially with wealthy citizens who aspired to educate their children in lucrative Ivy-leagues of the US.

They revealed that close to 100 Kenyans had already shown the interest with 50 meetings set up for the next three weeks.

“About 100 Kenyans have shown interest, and we have lined up to 50 meetings in the next three weeks. We will also do two meetings at a couple of private members clubs in the city,”stated Daniel Ryan, the Managing Director of the firm.

Furthermore, those who would qualify would also be expected to fork Kshs2 million for legal fees and Kshs4.6 million for the firm since it will be managing the investments on their behalf.

This class of visa, however, promised permanent residence in the USA and applicants can move with their spouses and unmarried children below the age of 21 years.

He further explained that the applicants would get back their money after they attain permanent residency which takes five years to achieve.

Most Kenyans living in the US today migrated there either on student visas or after acquiring the Green Card Lottery.

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