5 Things You Should Know About Rapper Desiigner

Desiigner gained success at a young age, but that is only one side of his story.

1.Desiigner started his career with another moniker.

Before he was known as Desiigner, Sidney Royel Selby III was known as Dezolo. He later changed his name to Designer Royel, until his sister convinced him to drop “Royel.”

2.Desiigner became signing in the church

The church provided Desiigner the oppurtunity to practice his vocals, an important start for the rapper.

3.Desiigner is signed to Kanye West’s label.

The Bronx rapper was signed to Kanye’s label GOOD Music in 2016. West reproduced Desiigner’s biggest release “Panda” for his Life of Pablo album.

4. Desiigner comes from great music.

He is the son of a great blues musician Sydney “Guitar Crusher” Selby.

5.Desiigner has had a quick rise to fame.

The rapper had over 15 nominations between 2016 and 2017. His latest album “Life of Pablo” release in May 2018 has also been well received.

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