Shatta Wale and Stoneboy fight dirty as Stoneboy pulls gun on Shasta at VGMA

A sad incident happened at this year’s VGMAS. While Abeiku Santana had announced that Stonebwoy won the Best Reggae/Dancehall Artiste of the year, Stonebwoy went on stage and while receiving an award, Shatta Wale also decided to go to the same stage, and that was how the fight happened. There were even pulling of Gun.
Well, Shatta Wale has addressed what happened
He posted on facebook;
If Ghana police don’t warn That boy about his trigger happy life erh ..we all go show gun for town cuz he can’t pull a gun whiles I didn’t …
This is the third time I have heard this and seen it with my naked eyes ..
Ghana shouldn’t watch it and wait for that day to say we could have stop this …
My crew had good intentions moving up there for us to prove that unity to make this 20years celebration a wonderful one but hey ,as usual Shatta Wale dierr Ibe dis ,Ibe dat “ so what happened just happen and the sensible ones saw how insecure music has made some people just to pull out guns ..
Somebody should tell that bwoy ,I have been to gun ranges ,I got people who wanna share their last blood for me and when we pull guns we fucken shoot …. He should never try that on me cuz I didn’t see it .. charted house also gave him the chance to come say he will chew me like gari if he meets me one on one …
If I meet him and he doesn’t do all what he said Cuz he has been given a gun by ghana police to feel that pompous, I WILL DO WHAT I HAVE TO DO TO SQUARE HIS STATEMENT ..then GUNZ will talk instead of people !!!
To acquire a gun in Ghana ,you are told by law officers that until someone pulls a gun on u before you pull gun but here is the case certain people will just support his foolish actions because he is a cripple !!! !!
I Am fucken proud Ghanaian who just wants to entertain but they still wan tag me the bad boy when I don’t even show it ….
Let the games begin !!!

He also continue in a series of tweets in twitter

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